The Archetype Of The Suffering Artist Must Die

The underlying narrative of the stories of Van Gogh, Rimbaud, Kahlo, Beethoven countless other creatives underscores the archetype of the suffering artist which pervades and permeates the psyches of today’s creators and makers. The narrative goes like this: if you want to be a Van Gogh you’ve got to cut off your ear. You’ve got to suffer for your art.But there’s a new legion of creative thinkers who believe this is rubbish, and who are actively working to disrupt this paradigm.

The Love Of Money

by Mandy de Waal “I never realised that I had a problem until quite recently. Before this I thought it was normal. I thought that everyone thinks (about money) the way I do,” says Charles Hugo (not his real name) on the phone from an upmarket seaside resort on South Africa's Cape coast. “It doesn't…