Welcome to 3 Quarks Daily Version 5.0

Dear Reader,

As you can see, we have made some big changes here at 3 Quarks Daily. I have been working with the supremely talented and competent Dumky de Wilde on this new version for some months now and here are some of the improvements and changes:

  • We have moved from Typepad to the much-more-powerful and efficient WordPress platform.
  • There is a clean, contemporary new look (please give it a chance, sometimes it takes a while to get used to something new).
  • The page should load much faster than before; in some cases, more than 10 times faster.
  • For a small monthly payment or a one-time donation, you need not see ads at all on the new 3QD. Existing monthly subscribers will be imported to the new site and should not see any advertising.
  • The “About Us” and “Monday Magazine” pages have been cleaned up and redesigned, as have all other pages too.
  • One may click on any author’s name to see a short bio of that person as well as all their posts on 3QD. (We are still putting in the bios of some of the writers.)
  • Wider main column and better readability of text everywhere.
  • The site works much better now on phones and tablets, as well as full-screen browsers.
  • We are still working on a few things, such as: getting old posts from October 2017 up until last week imported into the archives; fixing some issues with images not displaying correctly in old posts; problems with the daily emails not showing all posts; and a couple of other small issues.
  • You can easily provide valuable feedback to us about any aspect of the site by clicking the red “Feedback” tab in the middle-right of the screen. Or just comment on this post so I can reply to you more quickly.

We are excited to hear about what you think! Please do tell us in the comments to this post and/or by using the Feedback tab. And please do click “Support 3QD” on the main menu, will you? Thanks for all your generous support.

New posts are below this one for a few days!

Best wishes,


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