Wednesday Poem


I have to drag you
Id b totally kewl with it

​to come away with me
if u were nicer 2 me

​You keep me off-balance
Say pls sometimes like u care

​like I just got off a cruise
But u always favor the other 1

​I have more than just you to think about
Not like I asked 2 b born

​The point is, all you do is cause me pain
Ugh do u know how hard it is

​Can’t you just straighten up
2 b perf all the time

​instead of poking me and poking me
Y dont u just replace me, k

​when if you would just make an effort
Ive got ** on speed dial

​I could get on with my life
Its always abt u isn’t it

Its always abt u​

​Its always

by Jen Karetnik
from Gravel

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