“Iron Mike” Melts in 4th Round

In a terribly sad and disappointing performance, Mike Tyson lost last night’s fight with Danny Williams. “I told you that Mike Tyson had become a myth and that I would expose him,” said Williams, “and the moment I knew I was right came in the third round. I could feel him weakening, I had taken his best shots and I was still around and growing stronger. My plan was to box him, but when he landed some big shots in the first round, I said to myself, ‘Let’s go to war’.” Williams waged it so effectively that Tyson’s last scenario of hope – a seven-fight comeback trail which would pay off $40 million worth of debt and return him to the heavyweight title he first won as a 20-year-old – swiftly joined all the other debris of a tortured life. From The Independent.

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